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Dawn And Dusk by dievegge
Dawn And Dusk
my try on pastel pencils and coloured pencils. still need to get the hang of that waxy feeling of coloured pencils...
Witch of the South Mountain by dievegge
Witch of the South Mountain
Far north, in the land of ice and snow and dreadful mountains, lived the Four Mountain Kings. They were the gods who rule the four northern mountains. The eldest and the biggest of them all was Gregario, ruler of the North Mountain, god of the sky. On his sides were his twin brothers: Roffio and Xoffio, the East and West Mountain gods, the twin gods of lightning and thunder.

And the youngest of them all, who was mistaken as a god by humans, and the only one who had ever interacted with them was the Witch of South Mountain Maevaris, goddess of storm and hail.

No human had ever climbed the mountains and returned alive.

No one, but one.

~ excerpt from Zatga: Pandaemonium

maevaris, the witch of the south mountain, goddess of storm and hail, mother of the throne princess of zazwei: tatiana archadyovna zazwei.
a lazy sunday with watercolour.

maevaris © :icondievegge:
zatga: pandaemonium © :icondievegge: and :iconflaylda:</p>
Ce Reve Bleu by dievegge
Ce Reve Bleu
just a lazy but productive saturday. playing with watercolour while binge-watching series is the way to go.

incidentally, 'ce rêve bleu' is also the french version for the disney's 'a whole new world'... i guess everyone needs a blue dream at some point.
Sabrina and Valdeka by dievegge
Sabrina and Valdeka
the pastel pencils were on discount so i grabbed some... sabri is good for experimenting with new medium, of course, because she's easy to draw and i can spend more time getting used to the medium and valdeka is good to test colours because of her bright red hair.

drawn on 2 different brown ingres papers.

sabrina - valdeka © :icondievegge:
Sabrina by dievegge
i just want to know if i can use my watercolour on recycled paper.

SPOILER: i can!

sabri is always good for experimenting. :heart:

Sorry for long hiatus. Even worse, once I am signed in, I am only updating our journal (without posting any arts). I suddenly have a strong urge to write these important moment in my live. And I figured Deviantart is ideal for this. I can actually post it on my Facebook or making private blog for this, but Deviantart has recorded almost complete history of mine and my sister’s from a growing-up phase to adulthood. And I want to keep this habit. I feel very comfortable writing my own thought here. Somehow, strangers are more comforting readers than people surround you. Because I don’t really care their judgements :p. But if you are actually my friends in our real live, you are welcome to read. And after the death of my ‘someone special’ (you’ll know who and what later!), I begin remembering our Deviantart account, because this little guy was with me when I was addicted to Deviantart. So I come here to reminiscing those cherish day that I had with my old friends and Deviantart.

The title is obviously adapted from a novel ‘Marley and Me’. Yes, it will be about an owner and her pet. So, those who are not interested could just skip this instantly. But for those who stays to read, I am fully thankful and I promise you, it will be worth it. Though it won’t be as inspiring as Bobby the graveyard dog or Hachiko.  This is also not something like Chicken Soup for Pets, or any kind of pet memoir. It’s about how you grow up because of a bunny.

I am writing this to remember a bunny that has been being important to me for last 7 years. Yes, 7 years. Last 7 years, I had travelled to Japan, Malta, Milan, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, Bali, Bandung, Croatia, Singapore, Vietnam, Luxembourg. Manchester united comes to Jakarta. Hotel marriot bombing. Manchester united cancelled flight to Jakarta. Mika concert. Sarah Brightman concert. Sister went to Vancouver for minor. I graduated high school. First day of undergraduate program. Efteling. Riding bike 100 km. Inception. Laskar Pelangi the Musical. Got a boyfriend.  Accepted by Philips. I delayed graduation. Dejected by Philips. Sister graduated bachelor. Sister got accepted for master degree. Sister got boyfriend. Sister broke up with her boyfriend. Watch Cirque du Soleil. MH370 Incident. We got a new beagle. Now, I am on internship, and almost done my bachelor degree. And my sister is almost done with her master degree and going for a PHD. My bucket list is half filled by 7 years. All happened while we are owning a dutch rabbit.

I might not realize how I have been through live this far after some kind of happiness, sadness and angered without one call from my sister on Monday evening that telling Narvi, my bunny is dead. My feeling was mixed up. I was in state of blank at that moment.  I didn’t tear at that moment. I wasn’t on denial either that he is dead. I noticed that 7 years long is such a generous time that I could get in owning a rabbit. Narvi is the fourth bunny that I owned. My earlier bunnies are dead not even one year long. So, if I ask for more than 7 years, I must be an egoistic bitch. Maybe, I am, a little.

While I was showering and eating my dinner, I could not stop thinking: Moments with a blue Dutch rabbit finally over. And starts counting what I have learned from him that my parents or friends or teachers never taught me. Apparently, it is countless.

I didn’t realize I am more responsible than ever. I would take all the faults when narvi pooped or shed fur all over floors. And clean them even though it is “ewwy” and “yucky”. Simply, because I don’t want my mom angered by this, and order me to put Narvi outside the house.   

I become more discipline. I cannot imagine that I could maintain my time to study and to wash his cage. Never skipped any.

To be able to potty train your pet until it understands to return to his cage every time he is going to poop or piss even he is on the grass (which we actually permit him to piss over there), is the beauty of to train and to teach.

Facebook, social media and advanced smart phone are least important if your bunny stupidity, such as climbing wall attempt (because the bunny mistook the wall as stairs), is more entertaining.

The little pet also teaches me to be brave and stronger. You might not strong enough to battle possibly-poisonous snake but you feel that you have to be strong or otherwise this snake might bite your helpless little pet. In which, Narvi accidentally mashed by his rabbit house where the snake is stupidly luring underneath of it.

Do you ever feel that when you bought something not so inexpensive house because you do not want your loved one stays under a sofa that mechanically dangerous for tiny creature, but he refuses to stay in the new house, and still prefer to sleep under the sofa. And you are not disappointed or feeling wasted by his decision? That is how I feel to Narvi. Indeed. Narvi taught me to love unconditionally. I want to love my sister, my boyfriend, my family and my friends just like how I love Narvi.  


My dear little precious friend,

I have tried my best to keep you healthy and strong, but age is something beyond my capability as a human being. I have no regret for losing you.

I can accept that you have to leave soon. After all, we shall die and unite in another universe. The only mind-burden that I hardly withstand is to know how long it takes to be together again. And I hate to know that I cannot do small things that I actually love to do, like cleaning your cage, massage your head until you are asleep or playing around on grass with Loki as well. Anymore. I hate it too that I am not able to see how you made an overly-excited, yet adorable face when munching your favourite milk jelly and apple. I hate that I cannot see my honourable pet, when he is dead.

Thank you for those valuable gifts that you taught me.

I love you…

And I miss you…

If you got a new life, please visit us. I will love you.  Take care of yourself. Goodbye, old friend.

And for my dearest faithful readers,

If you are young (especially teenage) and feeling empty and confused how to live in this dynamic yet absurd society. Own a bunny. You’ll grow better.


Narvi Ra Laksono: 29 March 2007- 28 April 2014

P.S: I might not going to adopt a new rabbit until I got a permanent living. I will work harder. I will afford a better home with a better yard to keep rabbit. It will be chocolate dutch rabbit and name him Magni. (Hel, if it is a female. Yes. It is our official tradition to name pet based on Norse Goddess- Goddesses). I’ll tell you when the time is finally arrived ;)

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Sabrina + Bertha
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